The Visionary Projects

The Objective

With a goal to promote personal growth, creativity and social exchange, our team collaborates with pioneers in the fields of art, design, health & wellbeing to bring you (seriously) once in a lifetime opportunities in some of the Earth’s most beautiful destinations.

You can be in our industrial artist loft in Miami,
or in a 17th century cottage in the Barcelona countryside,
or in a trendy art studio space in London or New York City,
or in a natural dyes & paint shop in Tokyo,
or in the supernatural beauty of the Faroe Islands,
or in the some of the oldest neighborhoods of Italy,
or somewhere else in this amazing world.

The Visionary Experience


What is offered?

We partner with the most inspiring professionals who are famously known for their talent in creative fields.
They just happen to also be working with us in some of the coolest destinations on the planet.

Oil Painting ∙ Fashion Illustration ∙ Cold Wax ∙
Acrylic Painting ∙ Botanical Painting ∙ Hand Embroidery ∙
Portrait Painting ∙ Mixed Media ∙ Watercolor Painting

Digital Photography ∙ Filmmaking ∙ Post Production Editing

Yoga ∙ Meditation ∙ Wellbeing

Each workshop is very different from one another, depending on the artist, amount of days, and workshop location. The atmosphere is extraordinarily positive & friendly. In the end, everyone involved becomes a new group of friends for you. You learn things completely hands on, whether on location or in a studio-like setting. Some parts of the workshop are more structured, with lectures and in depth demonstrations, while other parts are more spur of the moment.

The People


Who will you meet?

Each workshop is filled with unique projects, adventures, learning experiences and opportunities to meet new people from different corners of the world. Most people who are part of these workshops often travel alone to them — so you’ll meet awesome, like minded individuals who all come together for the same purpose.

People of all ages, backgrounds and countries sign up for The Visionary Projects. They are artists, hobbyists, corporate professionals, authors, students and parents. Most people come from the US, Canada, Europe and the UK — however many also travel from the Middle East, South America and Asia to join us wherever we are.

If you have an interest in learning, creating, traveling, and are over the age of 18 — then a Visionary Project would work wonders for you.

About 2 months before the start date of the workshop, there will be a private Facebook group for only those involved in the trip. This will be the perfect opportunity to see who else will be joining you, ask any questions to us or the Visionary, and see any extra details that will be happening throughout your workshop experience.



Where will you stay?

At this time, we can only provide accommodation for our non-US workshops.

According to the destination & experience, we know and absolutely always look for a clean, comfortable and cool place that is also affordable for us, so we don’t have to make the total value of the workshop totally unaffordable for you. Our goal is modest luxury. Be sure to look specifically on an official workshop registration page for more precise details as every experience is completely different.

Getting Around


What about transportation?

Depending on the location of the accommodation, if your workshop is in the countryside we do provide private car transfers to where you need to be! For our Photography / Filmmaking events, ALL transportation is included. You basically signed yourself up for a big adventurous road trip of a lifetime. For Fine Art workshops, if we visit any museums, galleries or spot not in walking distance from our studio, we do provide free private transportation. Check your official respected workshop page for more specific transport information.

The Food


What will you eat?

We have restaurants that we know and love that will be providing each daily lunch. We tend to look for the most interesting restaurants, and of course, prefer to stick with the organic options. Typically, we either have a menu copy where you can see dozens of options to choose from yourself, or some days meals are offered buffet style, so there also are many vegetarian and vegan options. In situations where we cook the meals (when we are in a countryside villa), we will send you a personalized catering form so we are fully aware of any dietary requirements. We like to keep dinner free for everyone, so it gives you the opportunity to explore the destination for yourself or with someone from the group.



are you Up for a cool experience?

Our basic core value is to keep things as simple and direct as possible for you. You may read the Terms & Conditions page for more detailed information. Some workshops fill a lot faster than others. We recommend knowing your personal schedule first before inquiring to any TVP event!

Prior to your departure, we will write in the private Facebook group for your event any & all details you may need.