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Alex Garant

A Twist on Oil Contemporary Portraiture

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September 21-22, 2019


The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the “A Twist on Oil Contemporary Portraiture“ 2-day creative painting workshop with Toronto-based artist Alex Garant.

“Portraiture is something that will never go out of style. From the Egyptian death masks to the modern social media selfie, humans have always wanted to record proof of their existence. Over centuries, artists have used those visual snapshots to develop their own style, Vang Gogh, Klimt and Picasso all specialized in depicting mankind's expressions.  During this workshop, Alex Garant will lead some quick exercises to narrow down your own artistic voice and help you pick some visual elements defining your style & brand. From there, we will use those unique principles to inspire a portrait or self-portrait pushing this genre into a new individualistic direction.  Alex will demonstrate her distinctive wet-on-wet oil paint technique and timely blending approach.  We will also cover some tips on how to promote your new found style as an artist and solidify your brand via social medias. ”

About the Artist

Internationally renown as the Queen of Double Eyes, Alex Garant studied visual arts at Notre-Dame–De-Foy College just outside Quebec City. After graduating in 2001, she ultimately settled in Toronto, Canada. She decided to truly commit to her passion for Arts after suffering from a heart attack in 2012, changing forever how she would see the world. 

As a pioneer of Contemporary Figurative Op Art, her oil paintings offer a graphic quality combined with traditional portrait techniques. Garant establishes herself as one of the leaders of analogue Glitch Art by using patterns, duplication of elements,  symmetry and image superposition as key elements of her imagery. Her paintings are a reflection on human duality, the battle for self-definition between one's inner self and outer persona. 

Represented by galleries in New York, Los Angeles and Australia, her works have also been shown in several museums including the Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in California, the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Arizona, the Honolulu Museum of Art in Hawaii and the Fullerton Museum Center in California. She has been featured in Hi-fructose, Juxtapoz, Beautiful Bizarre, the American Art Collector magazine and on multiple online platforms including VICE, The Huffington Post, Buzznet and many more. 


phi_framed_30x40_Oil and 24 carat Gold on Canvas_72dpi.jpg

all the Details

Saturday, September 21st - Workshop Day 1
Sunday, September 22nd - Workshop Day 2


2 Full Workshop Days at our Private Loft Space
Daily Organic Breakfast & Lunch / Veg, Vegan & Gluten Free Options
Art Supplies + Essentials Gift Bag

Day 1: Saturday, September 21st

Who are you as an artist? How to define your style using instinctive elements and aesthetic visuals that are attractive in your eyes. You will explore two different ways to differentiate your style: What we paint versus how we paint. Alex will be sharing some personal examples and ideas before helping everyone find the 3 elements that will guide them through the portrait rendering.

Lesson 2: Sketching the portrait - Please bring some reference photos to work from or work from the provided images! (more information on this will be provided in the future) - Keeping your style in mind, you will learn how to pre-determine shapes & shadows from the reference photo, and then create the basic sketch. You will transfer the sketch onto the canvas using the grid method, transfer paper or a projector (if available). During the sketching phase, Alex will alternate between open demonstration of how to create her own sketch. One-on-one mentorship as needed throughout the process. Eventually you will start exploring the painting phase (underpainting, and painting the background to get familiar with wet-on-wet technique).

Day 2: Sunday, September 22nd

Each individual artist’s style and unique reference image will determine many aspects for the artwork. Today, Alex will demonstrate some basic principles of working wet on wet with oil paint such as her paint + dry mop approach as well as answer questions about why she prefers to work in sections.

Discussion: working with a limited palette, the underpainting, Dark tones & light colors sequence, how to limit your pure white or pure black highlights, adding highlights and finishing glazing details, and answers all your questions. For the rest of the lesson, she will be providing guidance to each individual artist one on one.

Bonus: Lesson 4 - Marketing Alex will present a 45 minutes session “Using your brand to build an engaged following” she created for the Creative Entrepreneur Workshop in Canada. This mini lesson will show you how to engage followers and use your social medias a s a portfolio to help establish yourself in the creative community. Artists are free to keep working on their piece during the session or to take notes.

Supply List

What you need to bring

Paint (any brand will do!): Gamblin Introductory Colors
Important colors: yellow ochre, cadmium red, payne's grey, titanium white, burnt umber, raw umber
Brushes: flat brushes & mop brushes
Liquin, Solvent Free Gel, Charcoal

What we provide you

2 Stretched Canvases, sketching materials, tracing paper, turpentine/solvents, all cleaning supplies


September 21-22nd, 2019
Saturday + Sunday

2 FULL Workshop Days
daily Organic catered Food
Most Art SupplieS Provided

+ Intimate, private setting that involves:
One-on-one time with Alex, Group discussions, Artist Gift Bag



Serious Inquiries Only

If we have not responded to your request within 12 hours,
please email

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The Visionary Projects is hosting this event at The Loft in Miami, Florida.

Wynwood Arts District
250 NW 23rd Street
Miami, 33127



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