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chris hogman

Art + Travel
Inspiration, Influence & Beauty

January 10-15th



The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Growing Your Inspiration & Influence as an Artist" travel workshop with international artists Alice Herbst and Chris Högman in Miami Beach, Florida.

Alice Herbst and Chris Högman are both artists and partners sharing a studio in their home in Stockholm. Sweden. Alice specializes in works with oil on canvas, while Chris uses digitally sampled paint to create new compositions with a graphic tablet, transforming then into physical elements under the process of 3D-printing. The artists met during their studies at the Swedish art school "Gerlesborgsskolan". After graduating they started to work full time with fine arts and developing an audience on their main platform: Instagram.

Alice and Chris' workshop focuses on the following essential goals - finding the balance between traditional art and contemporary art, how to mix concepts and create something truly unique and personal and how to pursue a career as an artist with contemporary methods such as networking internationally and marketing your work in a smart & efficient way. During this four day workshop there will be lectures, courses and visits to the galleries and museums of Miami. Alice and Chris encourages you to bring your artwork the last day for full feedback.


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the schedule

Please arrive in Miami on Thursday, 9 May 
and depart on Monday, 13 May (or later).

+ Each workshop day there is a full breakfast at the studio.
+ Lunch will be also provided in the same catered style (different each day).
+ Several options for both vegan + vegetarians.
+ Almost ALL art supplies are provided. Please refer to list for more details in the private Facebook group.

Day 1: Friday, 10 May
Course Intro & Presentation

  • 10:00: Breakfast

  • Lecture: How to simplify, break down shapes, choose a limited color palette and the
    right brushes. Also - the importance of a good sketch and composition

  • 11:30: Full Course Introduction

  • Make something new with your reference photos - but with inspiration from
    already existing artwork.

  • Beginning a piece: Make a paraphrase or use what you like from that object for influence in your own work, use
    your own reference photos (we will bring photos as well)

  • 13:00: Lunch

  • 14:00: All Day Studio Time

  • Technique & Critique

  • 17:00: Day 1 - Wrap-up

Day 2: Saturday, 11 May
Making it as an artist!

  • 10:00: Breakfast

  • Lecture: Chris and Alice presents their art, their history and how they are able to make a living as full-time artists

  • Social Media + Growing your brand

  • Composing original & professional works for your portfolio

  • 11:00: Course Continues - Pick up where you left yesterday’s piece or choose to start a new one (constructive feedback on your process)

  • 13:00: Lunch

  • 14:00: Course Continues - Studio Session

Day 3: Sunday, 12 May
Consistency & Presentation

  • (Bring personal artwork that you would like critiqued)

  • 10:00: Breakfast

  • When is a painting finished? Discussion about “The finished painting”

  • Pick up where you left or start a brand new piece

  • 13:00: Lunch

  • 14:00 pm: Prepare yourself for the last steps of finishing your artwork

  • 16:00 pm: Personal Portfolio Review: Feedback on your art made at the workshop and/or the pieces that you brought from home (can be digital images!)

  • Maintaining inspiration and a consistent workflow personally & professionally

  • 17:00 Wrap Up!

London, UK

10-12th May, 2019
Friday - Sunday

3 Full Workshop Days



All workshop tuition and fee's
Private studio location + personal work station
Almost All Art Supplies Provided
All private car transfers during the workshop (if any)
All Breakfasts & Lunches during workshop days
Friday, 10 May - Workshop Day 1
Saturday, 11 May - Workshop Day 2
Sunday, 12 May - Workshop Day 3


airfare, hotel, airport transfer

EXTRA - Please read!

Once the workshop is filled, you will be invited into a private Facebook Group to meet everyone participating beforehand. This is where a lot of information about the workshop will be shared and we can coordinate what will be happening throughout your time.

The only supplies you are required to bring are your select oil paints. Everything else is provided. A detailed list will be supplies in the Private Facebook Group page.

Apply Below

$1,100 USD / Per person

(Approximately 840 GBP, 950 EUR)

Exact exchange rate is taken at receipt of your deposit!

This workshop is for all levels, beginner to professional.

the studio

East London, Dalston

The Visionary Projects is taking this event to London. A beautiful space, private studio, bright light and ample room.

Everything will be set up for you to work: tables, easels, art supplies, the list goes on. All you have to do is show up with your paints and a notebook! During this workshop, we create individual workstations for all participants, as well as a demonstration & lecture space for the instructor. Aside from a gourmet breakfast and lunch - endless coffee, wine and snacks will be provided throughout each day of the workshop.



  • You may read our complete list of Terms & Policies here.

  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.

  • All final Workshop Payments due:
    10th February, 2019

  • If you withdraw from the trip after making your initial deposit (in the full or half amount), you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit up until 90 days to the event.

  • You may purchase traveler's insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip.