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Georgina Kreutzer

Dreaming Hyperrealism

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London, UK
May 24-27, 2019
4 Workshop Days


The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Dreaming Hyperrealism" four-day illustration workshop with Australian artist Georgina Kreutzer. The mixed-media artist harbours a very powerful, versatile toolbox. In her four-day London workshop you will be shown full insight into less conventional approaches to traditional fine-art methods, and create realistic still-life or landscape artworks emphasized with your own distinctive flair, with private demonstrations and one-on-one guidance.

You’ll leave this workshop feeling inspired, adding real value to yourself and your work with a new, close-knit group of friends.

- About the Artist -

Georgina is an Australian artist with a background in design & architecture. Born and raised in the tiny towns of Dorrigo and Alstonville – two beautiful waterfall and rainforest-rich mountain regions of New South Wales – she is intrinsically drawn to open spaces and natural phenomena, and aims to create artworks that transcend the mundane and ordinary. As a contemporary visual artist with a distinctive style, Georgina has secured commissions ranging in scale and scope from artisanal to corporate. Among her clientele are Lexus, Adobe, Faber-Castell Australia, Strathmore Artist Papers, Sydney University, and Micador for Artists, among many others. Her work hangs in homes and across Australia, Europe, North and South America, and South-East Asia.




Friday, May 24th - Workshop Day 1
Saturday, May 25th - Workshop Day 2
Sunday, May 26th - Workshop Day 3
Monday, May 27th - Workshop Day 4

10am - 4:30pm daily sessions (with lunch break)
All high quality, branded art supplies are provided.
Each day there is a full catered breakfast & lunch provided at the studio.
Vegan + Vegetarian friendly

Day 1: Friday, May 24

10am – Group Breakfast

Objectives – introduction; warm-up with new techniques; and acquire three key

Lessons: 1) The mixed media artist’s toolbox is powerfully versatile, 2) art is intuitive and much comes from your gut feeling, and 3) we are always allowed to break convention.

By way of an intro, we’ll get to know each other, and I will illuminate how our four days together will unfold

Every class is unique! To show I appreciate all levels of expertise (and that all levels are perfectly welcome!) I will sample some of my own past and current projects (stronger and less evolved work).

A Q&A session will follow, to highlight the elements of art making each artist would personally like to develop.

We’ll explore some key elements crucial to rendering realistically – specifically our approach to colour theory (and determining our own personal colour palette), rendering the illusion of light, and using different tools for layering various media

The fun part! The remainder of Day One will focus on quick rendering techniques in our sketchbooks. We will all work on the same images at this stage. The mode of the class will alternate between open demonstration, and one-on-one mentorship. Depending on the speed and flow of the class, we may delve into the beginning of Day Two (why not!)

5 PM – End of day one.

Day 2: Saturday, May 25
Commencing A Masterpiece

10am – Breakfast

Objectives – Creating/identifying a good reference image; mapping proportions; setting down first layers of colour.

We will have learned what makes a good reference photo – everyone will have the chance to prepare their own image, or follow along the one I will be using. Each individual artist’s style and unique reference image will determine a colour palette for the artwork. I will explain and show my own colour palette and assist each artist in selecting/developing their own. Your colour palette is NOT necessarily the colours literally within the image (this is important.)

We will choose our weapons (select tools and media), our toned paper, and prepare our surface for work. Depending on the individual artist and their working speed, some may wish to attempt two artworks in tandem – this is totally fine. It often works to our advantage to have a couple projects at any given point, to be able to alternate between each with fresh perspective.

5 PM – End of day two.

Day 3: Sunday, May 26
Layers & Details! (Wash, Rinse, Repeat)

10am – Breakfast

This is my favourite step in art-making. We’ll start with a demonstration of how I approach finer levels of detail, using acrylic and ink. The day will consist of layering media onto our surfaces, painting to music or audiobooks. This will reflect of how I work in my own studio each day. So long as it feels natural and necessary and won’t interrupt the flow of the class, I will alternate between further demonstration and providing guidance to each individual artist in rotation. This is an entirely therapeutic stage of art making, and if everyone manages to experience a confident flow at their own pace, it will be a successful day.

5 PM – end of day three.

Day 4: Monday, May 27
Final Details to Completion + Individual Feedback

10am – Breakfast

Today we will refine details, and ideally finish! The nature and flow of today’s class may echo Day Three. Instruction on how to best trim and mount our completed work to with gesso/matte-medium will be given. I will provide pointers on photographing our work for online marketing or archiving. Any incomplete / wet artwork can be mailed to you, so you may complete it at home!

4 PM - End of workshop!

Supply List

We Provide everything except your sketchbooks!


May 24-27th, 2019
Friday - Monday

4 FULL Workshop Days
daily catered Food
All Art SupplieS Provided

+ Intimate, private setting that involves:
One-on-one time with Georgina, Group discussions,
Creating fresh work, Tips & Tricks of making it in the industry as a creative person


The value reflected above does not include hotel prices.
All prices are quoted in USD.


Serious Inquiries Only



The Visionary Projects is taking this event to London. A beautiful store-front space, private studio, bright light and ample room.

Everything will be set up for you to work: tables, easels, all art supplies, the list goes on. All you have to do is show up with your notebook for this event. During this workshop, we create individual workstations for all participants, as well as a demonstration & lecture space for the instructor. Aside from a gourmet breakfast and lunch - endless coffee, wine and snacks will be provided throughout each day of the workshop.



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  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.

  • If you withdraw from the trip after making your initial deposit (in the full or half amount), you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit up until 90 days to the event.

  • You may purchase traveler's insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip.