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Chasing Watercolour Dreams

August 10-11th, 2019
Saturday + Sunday


For beginners to professionals of all backgrounds.


The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Chasing Watercolour Dreams" travel workshop with Australian artist Kelogsloops at our private artist loft in Miami, Florida.

Hieu Nguyen, more commonly known online under the alias ‘kelogsloops,’ is a portrait watercolour artist from Australia. This workshop will focus on learning the fundamentals of watercolour, including application, colour mixing and techniques to ultimately create expressive watercolour portraits from reference and observation. Students will be taught the foundations of watercolour, before exploring advanced watercolour techniques to encourage developing one’s own personal style as well as an understanding of composition.




Workshop Days: Saturday, August 10th - Sunday, August 11th
Workshop Hours: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Organic Breakfast & Lunch is provided & catered into our studio space
(also vegan, vegetarian, gluten free)

Day 1: Saturday, August 10th

WatercoloUr & Mastering Personal Technique

10:00am - Personal Intro Discussions & Group Breakfast

Objectives: Building the basic foundations and techniques of watercolour to equip all skill ranges with necessary techniques to start painting. Throughout the day, exercises and subject matter will be given to paint. For example, painting a simple cat from using purely wet on wet techniques, and a bird from purely wet on dry, ending with something that uses both wet on wet and wet on dry to show the versatility of watercolour techniques at your disposal.

Start building upon basic techniques and start developing an understanding of color mixing, color theory and transparency using water. This is to give a way to create the colors at their disposal, and also to be able to start giving an understanding of how layering and glazing works. Main exercises will be to create a color chart, transparency charts, skin mixing charts, and then a basic portrait.

Transparency with Water Dilutions, Color Charts, End of the day discussions

Wet on Wet Techniques, Wet on Dry Techniques, Discussion: Finding, developing & mastering your style

4:00pm - Wrap up for next day

Day 2: Sunday, August 11th

Colour Mixing, Layering, Mixed Media
+ Social Media & Making it as an artist

10:00am - Breakfast

Objectives: How to compose a compelling image and to ultimately execute a portraiture piece from reference or from direct observation. Utilising watercolour techniques learnt to stylise. Later there will be an introduction to mixed media beyond watercolour: considering mediums such as ink, gold leaf, pastel, acrylic etc.

Objective: Develop and encourage exploration & personalization of techniques and the general painting process - by showing a more in-depth, advanced analysis and practice of the basic techniques. Creating your own personal and powerful style of portraiture. Main exercise of the day will be on layering and glazing, building upon skin layers and how to start creating portraits.

Masking, Layering & Glazing, Negative Painting, Textures, Composition, Mixed Media

Discussions: Making it as an Artist Today / Social Media

4:00pm - Clean Up

Supply List

What you need to bring: Masking Fluid, Drawing Inks (White & Gold), Oil Pastel Set, Colored Pencils

For Beginners he suggests : Winsor & Newton Watercolor Set
For Investment/Higher end Artists: Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolor

Suggested Brushes: Golden Taklon Round 2000 Series (size 1,3 and 5), Onyx Round 8010 Series (size 3), Onyx Quill Mop 8000 Series (size 10/0 and 0)

What we provide you: Gold Leaf, Watercolor paper, Pencils, Erasers, Masking Tape, Salt, Water Jars, all Cleaning Supplies


10-11 August, 2019
Saturday & Sunday




All workshop tuition and fee's
Organic Breakfast & Lunch
Private studio location
Art supplies available in studio
All private car transfers during the workshop (from hotel)


airfare, dinners, airport transfer


Serious Inquiries Only

If we have not responded to your request within 12 hours,
please email

Registration is confirmed with a 50% workshop deposit.


Wynwood Art District/ Studio Address For This Workshop:
250 NW 23rd Street
Loft #310
Miami, FL 33127

We have our own private loft studio space in the center of the vibrant, colorful neighborhood of Wynwood.
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We will provide FREE roundtrip transfer between Nuovo Luxury Properties (Wynwood location):
2500 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33137

Days to Book: Friday, August 9th, 2019 - Monday, August 12th, 2019
Check in: 3pm / Checkout 11am



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  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.

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