Lisa Pressman

“Moving Paint:
Working With Oil & Wax”


FEBRUARY 1-3, 2019


The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Moving Paint: Working With Oil & Wax" 3-day workshop with New Jersey based artist Lisa Pressman in Miami, Florida.

Join artist Lisa Pressman as you will be expanding your personal vocabulary and vision in your art. We will focus on layering, moving paint and markmaking to build rich and personal paintings. The language of art will be revisited: composition, color, tension and space, and scalealong with color theory. Demonstrations include using R&F Pigment sticks, pastels, drawing materials along with excavating, mono printing, glazing, mark making and editing. We will focus on content, how to see and moving your work forward. Students will be encouraged to work in a series, while revisiting the painting process. Professional practices will be addressed and activities will include exercises, informal group discussion and individual support. This is best for students with some art background.

- About the Artist -

Lisa Pressman, American abstract painter, was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1958. She earned her BA in Art from Douglass College, Rutgers University and her MFA from Bard College. Lisa’s paintings have been featured since 1981 in solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the USA and internationally including The Hunterdon Art Museum, Clinton, NJ, Addington Gallery, Chicago, IL, Susan Eley Fine Arts, NYC, NY, Thee Jen Tough Gallery, Bencita, Ca, Circa Gallery, Minneapolis, MN and is preparing for a museum show at the Mulvane Art Museum in Topeka, KA Lisa is a core instructor for R&F Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY and a workshop instructor for Gamblin Artists Colors. She is an annual presenter and instructor at the International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA and teaches workshops in both encaustic and oil and cold wax mediums throughout the U.S. Lisa currently lives and works in West Orange, New Jersey.




Friday, February 1st - Workshop Day 1
Saturday, February 2nd - Workshop Day 2
Sunday, February 3rd - Workshop Day 3

Each day there is a full catered breakfast & lunch provided at the studio.
Vegan + Vegetarian friendly

Day 1: Friday, February 1
Course Introduction +

  • Morning: 10:00 Personal Introduction & Group Breakfast

  • Objectives

    • Discussion and Demo of materials: oil paint, cold wax tools

    • Building a surface: applying paint, moving paint, texture, 

    • Warm and cool color temperature

    • Lunch

    • Power Point: Student Influences 

    • Introduction/Demo to RF Pigment Sticks

    • Transparency and Opacity of paint

    • Drawing exercises on small paper works

    • Painting time

    • 16:00 Finish Day 1

Day 2: Saturday, February 2

  • Morning: 10:00am Breakfast

    • Demo of layering , drawing, scribing and mono printing on set up paintings 

    • Painting Time : adding marble dust, pastels, tissue paper etc

    • Lunch

    • Powerpoint Demo of Lisa’s Personal Influences

    • Private time with each student to discuss individual needs and inspirations

    • The language of Art discussion- composition!!

    • Painting

  • 16:00 Finish Day 2

Day 3: Sunday, February 3
work ethics

  • Morning: 10:00am Breakfast

  • Studio Day - Painting

    • Discussion: When is a painting done?

    • Shipping & Professional practices questions

    • Lunch

    • Studio / Painting Time

    • Final walk through to see works in progress

    • 16:00 Finish Day 3

      You have the opportunity to leave your finished work at our studio - which can either be picked up at a later time OR be shipped directly to you after the workshop!
      We will also provide boxes for you if you choose to take home your work immediately.

Supply List

What you are provided by us for this workshop:

  • R&F Pigment Sticks - Sponsored by R&F Core Teaching Program for Lisa

  • 16 oz GAMBLIN cold wax medium - we will have extra!

  • Oil paint brushes, palette knives, scrapers, silicone bowl scraper, paper palette 12" x 16", larger
shower squeegee, sponge paint rollers, rags / paper towels, blue painters tape, wax paper for layering between wet panels, all cleaning supplies.

You will get to take home + keep your R&F Pigment sticks that are provided for you!

What you need to bring for this workshop:

  • 20pcs. 9×12 for painting exercise ARCHES oil paper, comes in 9×12 pads.
    * Taped with painters’ tape with one inch border around and then in half. See photos below. (trick: lay tape on your jeans to remove some of the stickiness so when you pull it up it won’t pull the paper) Before the worksop *

  • Soft rubber brayer (speedball 4 & 6 inch)

  • Oil Paints: large tube of Titanium white + a variety of colors: choose your colors that you like to paint with.
    We suggest the brands Gamblin & Williamsburg - Small tubes are fine.
    Look for combination of transparent and opaque choices!


1-3 FEBRUARY, 2019


Early Bird

After Dec.1st

EXTRA - Please read!

If you choose to stay at the NUOVO Luxury Properties (Midblock location) - we will provide free private hotel transfers for you each workshop morning!

We do review each submission individually - this workshop is for beginners to professionals.
After review, you will be sent a formal Deposit Invoice (by email) to secure a payment for your space.

You do not have to be a professional artist - just come in with the right mindset, be ready to learn and meet people from all over the world. You will finish this workshop with a new tribe!


Serious inquiries only

A $250 Administration Deposit is available for those who would like to reserve their space, but cannot make the full 50% deposit at this time.

the studio+

The Visionary Projects is taking this event to Miami, Florida.
Wynwood / 250 NW 23rd Street

We have a private loft studio space in the center of the vibrant, colorful art district of Wynwood.

During this workshop, we create individual workstations for all participants, as well as a demonstration & lecture space for the instructor. Aside from a gourmet breakfast and lunch - endless coffee, wine and snacks will be provided throughout each day of the workshop.

We typically take professional photographic images & short video footage throughout the duration of the course. These are private images, for you to keep as well whether for personal or professional use.

We like to document you creating your effortlessly beautiful work. To see images from our previous workshops, please click here!



  • You may read our complete list of Terms & Policies here.

  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.

  • If you withdraw from the trip after making your initial deposit (in the full or half amount), you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit up until 60 days to the event.

  • You may purchase traveler's insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip.