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magdalena morey.


Creating Powerful Art
using Strong Mixed Media
Design & Color

MAY 11 - 15th


The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Creating Powerful Art Using Strong Mixed Media Design & Colour" travel workshop with internationally-acclaimed abstract artist Magdalena Morey here in Rome, Italy.

This workshop specializes on the use and experimentation of delicate mixed media techniques. Students will explore the elements of strong design and composition using shape, colour, lines and texture. We will begin by experimenting the application process of gold leaf on various surfaces and how to then fix it in place - all while analyzing the interaction that the gold has with each media: acrylics, watercolours and pastels.

Students will investigate ways to find inspiration from our surroundings, selecting a personal palette and how to combine all the elements and techniques into a final, complete composition. Throughout the course we will continuously look at how the visual elements affect each other and the emotional impact they create. At the end of the workshop there will be an exhibition where students look at each others work and we analyze the approaches and techniques implemented in each piece and compare the effects achieved.


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DAY 1- Friday


  • Personal introduction (background, techniques, what I practice)Use of mixed media (acrylics, watercolors & pastels)


  • Application
  • Use on different surfaces
  • Practical experimentation using gold leaf

  • How to apply gold leaf

  • Effect that different surfaces have

  • Fixing gold leaf to the surface (acrylic medium, etc)

  • Using color with gold leaf

DAY 2 - Saturday


  • Morning Field Trips to Parco degli Acquedotti, etc
  • Exercise using fashion magazines. Look for good design rather than a subject. Breaking existing personal patterns
  • Defining a personal palette and composition based on selections from first exercise
  • Practicing using gold leaf with designs

DAY 3 - Sunday

  • 2/3rds of day for painting
  • Exhibition and discussion/critique of pieces
  • Cleanup

Day 4 - Monday

Wine Tasting in the Roman Countryside (10AM - 3PM)

May 11-15


Half-Day Trip
+ Private Wine Tasting
4 Hotel Nights

Price Includes

All workshop tuition and fee's
4 nights Private Hotel accommodation
Breakfasts & Lunches during workshop days
Wine Tasting + Tour on Monday - 10am - 3pm
Extra art supplies available in studio
Free artist essentials gift bag

Breakfast, lunch, snacks, coffee & wine will be provided each workshop day.


(Fly into Rome the evening before - Thursday, May 10th)
Hotel Nights: Thursday - Monday
Friday, May 11th - Workshop Day 1
Saturday, May 12th - Workshop Day 2
Sunday, May 13th - Workshop Day 3
Monday, May 14th - Wine Tasting (optional)



Airfare, food on non-workshop days, dinner, airport transfer,
city tourist tax during hotel checkout (about 3.50 EUR per night),
any extra personal luxuries


Once the workshop is filled, you will be invited into a private Facebook Group to meet everyone participating beforehand. This is where a lot of information about the workshop will be shared and we can coordinate what will be happening throughout the duration of your weekend in Rome!


package 1

Private Room
Boutique Hotel

From 1,520€ / Per person

package 2

Without Accommodation

Have your own place to stay? Let us know!
From 1,180€ / Per person

the studio

ROME, ITALY, 00184

For this workshop, The Visionary Projects is located in the very center of Rome, Italy- just 5 minutes by walking to the Colosseum. We are a multidisciplinary artistic space (and part of Aureo Roma). Apart from representing international abstract artists in our main gallery space, we curate monthly events inviting some of the best fine artists from around the world. Our two back rooms houses some of the best & most famous working tattoo artists in Europe. An unconventional idea put into one single space.

Our studio space consists of a large storefront, three separate working rooms, outside courtyard space, a private bathroom, bright light, ventilation, all artist essentials and walking distance from everything in Rome. During this workshop, we create individual workstations for all participants, as well as a demonstration & lecture space for the instructor. Coffee, wine and snacks will be provided throughout each day of the workshop.



  • You may read our complete list of Terms & Policies here.
  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.
  • If you withdraw from the trip after making your initial deposit (in the full or half amount), you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit up until 90 days to the event.
  • You may purchase traveler's insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip.