pamela caughey

Powerful Design & Personal Color
using Oil and Cold Wax

20 - 25 August, 2019



The Visionary Projects is delighted to be hosting the "Powerful Design & Dynamic Color using Oil and Cold Wax" travel workshop with international artist Pamela Caughey in New York City.

Join Pamela in this special workshop for artists working with cold wax medium and oils who have a basic understanding of how to create texture and layers in this medium, but want to explore the next step - how to create a powerful composition using dynamic color and powerful design. Each student will be encouraged to express their personal voice through a better understanding of what they love most in their art. Students will learn how to mix and apply a wide range of color, grays, and glazes differing in value, temperature and saturation through fun and explorative exercises. Through demonstrations, presentations, and working one on one, each student will learn how to strengthen their compositions by understanding what makes strong design. Students will create both small studies and larger works to explore key concepts. With this information, each student will be able to approach a painting at any stage of development and understand the “when” and “how” to pull their paintings together to a satisfying conclusion. We will also discuss the importance of an experimental approach and risk taking during the creative process. The majority of workshop time will be devoted to painting, with helpful demos and presentations to better understand key concepts presented. There will also be time for individual critique and discussion of each student’s personal artistic goals and progress.


(images below are from previous workshops)


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Please arrive in New York City on Tuesday, August 20th.
and depart on Sunday, August 25th.

Each day there is a full breakfast buffet catered at the studio.
This will be available in the morning when you arrive.
Lunch will be also provided in the same catered buffet style.
We will also have several options for both vegan + vegetarians.

Day 1: Wednesday, August 21
Course Introduction

  • Introduction & Presentation of Cold Wax/Oil Techniques, Supports, Tools

  • Working in a series on Arches Oil paper

  • Getting Started - PLAY!

  • Beginning a series of 4 paintings in Black & White

  • Aim for Differences in your work

  • Limited Palette Demonstrations - what are they, why use them, and how to mix them to maximum benefit

DayS 2,3,4: Thursday, August 22 - Saturday, August 24
The Abstract Expressive Process
TechniquE / Practice

  • These next 3 workshop days will be full scheduled work days: 9am - 5pm.
    There is a 1 hour lunch break around 12pm.
    Everything bulleted below will be organized & completed throughout the workshop.

  • What is Powerful Design & Personal Color?

  • Learning from the Masters! Powerful Design/Personal Color and what makes their work compelling.

  • Understanding the importance of value, shape and properties of color

  • Glazing, Masking, Composition,"magic" harmony grays

  • Discussion/Problem Solving Demonstrations

  • Developing Your Personal Voice

  • How to Finish your Painting: Finesse/Subtleties/Editing/Restraint

  • Key Principles and Concepts to make your work Better, Stronger!

  • Question & Answer Session and 1:1 mentoring throughout the workshop

  • How to present your work

  • Review & Critique

  • Cleanup


Tuesday August 20th -
Sunday August 25th

4 Full Workshop Days

(your flight into New York arrives on Tuesday, August 20th)
Wednesday, August 21st - Workshop Day 1
Thursday, August 22nd - Workshop Day 2
Friday, August 23rd - Workshop Day 3
Saturday, August 24th - Workshop Day 4


Airfare, hotel, dinner, airport transfer

EXTRA - Please read!

Once the workshop is filled, you will be invited into a private Facebook Group to meet everyone participating beforehand. This is where a lot of information about the workshop will be shared and we can coordinate what will be happening throughout your time.

We will announce our exact studio location through private group message.


$2,500 / Per person


All workshop tuition and fee's
Private studio location / work station
Most of your needed art supplies: high quality available in studio
All private car transfers during the workshop:
(if staying in lower Manhattan or Williamsburg area)
All Breakfasts & Lunches during workshop days


If you are not a resident and traveling to New York for this, you have the option to let us know in the comments section of the registration form that you would need help finding a hotel.
We can help via email or schedule a call to reserve (or help you reserve) a hotel in your budget!

the studio

New York, New York

The Visionary Projects is taking this event to New York City.

*** We are currently in renovation for our permanent, private art studio space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
We will be in consistent communication with every workshop attendee with updates on our exact studio location as the Workshop date gets closer. If there are any location changes due to construction (if the studio is not ready in time) we will have the new location given to you at least 3-4 months in advance. ***

Everything is set up for you to work: tables, easels, extra high quality art supplies & paints, cleaning products, the list goes on. All you have to do is show up with your workshop essentials, a good notebook and a camera.

During this workshop, we create individual workstations for all participants, as well as a demonstration & lecture space for the instructor. Aside from a gourmet breakfast and lunch - endless coffee, wine and snacks will be provided throughout each day of the workshop.



  • You may read our complete list of Terms & Policies here.

  • A full refund will be made if for any unexpected reason the workshop is canceled.

  • If you withdraw from the trip after making your initial deposit (in the full or half amount), you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit up until 90 days to the event.

  • You may purchase traveler's insurance in the event of an unexpected circumstance (death in the family, accident, illness) that would require you cancel your trip.