Oil & Cold Wax
with Pamela Caughey
Vienna, Austria

***Please refer to here for further details:***

Many of Pam’s favorite mark making tools:
Gamblin Standard Oil Set: (or comparable set of oil colors)
Extra Tube of Gamblin Quick Dry White:
R&F Pigment Sticks:  (Pam will also bring samples!)
Gamblin Galkyd Gel (1 tube is enough):
Silicone Brushes, (1" or 2" recommended):
1 Messermeister Silicone Scraper:  
Arches Oil Paper in a Pad (12x16in, divided into quadrants):  
Speedball Rubber Brayer (2" size good for this class):
16 oz Gamblin Cold Wax Medium:

Optional (but highly recommended)

White Artist tape (1in) for taping off quadrants - easier to look at than the blue painters tape:
 Tin for keeping cwm/galkyd gel fresh during workshop):

(We provide you: extra Gamblin cold wax medium, paint brushes, palette knives mark making tools & cleaning supplies)

Free Gamblin medium samples are provided by Pamela
+ One 12x12 Wooden Ampersand Board