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We are an international collaborative arts initiative launched in 2017 in Rome, Italy.

Connecting you through exploratory experiences with some of the world’s most interesting visionaries.





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with artists, creators & innovators.

From around the globe.

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“I had the most amazing experience! This workshop definitely changed me as an artist and elevated my creativity. Everything was organized to provide a perfect setting. It was extremely well done and I cannot wait to participate in another workshop!” -Pandora P. (Overland Park, KS)

"The Visionary Projects art workshop was a dream! Initially, I was a bit nervous traveling so far for an art class but found the overall experience along with what I learned oh-so worth it. The workshop was extremely organized yet laid-back and relaxing. All amenities were well represented and enjoyable. I highly recommend taking the plunge and signing up!" -
Amy M. (Oklahoma, USA) - Owner of
Flower Moxie

“Elly and the ladies at The Visionary Projects were amazing. From the studio space to the catered meals to the individualized instruction, I felt totally cared for and utterly inspired. I will definitely be attending another workshop one day.” - Nicole Redwine (Atlanta, Georgia)

“Thanks to you for providing us with a splendid workshop experience. Wow! A 5 star workshop to be sure. I am very grateful for the wonderful workshop. The photos are just the icing on the cake. You two are so generous! It is most appreciated.” - SallyAnn Paschall (Santa Fe, NM)

“For me, having participated in Kim Rose's workshop has been a wonderful experience in every way, such as learning art techniques, sharing with a wonderful group of people, the excellent organization and the workspace. I feel very happy to have done it!!!! Thank you!” - Samira Montoya (Miami, FL)